Smart Lighting

What is Smart Lighting?

There are various Smart lighting companies in the market place at the moment ranging from plug and play to fully installed and customised lighting systems.

I'm going to focus on the fully installed systems and in particular Lutron and Rako.

Lutron have been about since the 1950s and are the pioneers of the dimmer switch.

Rako are an English company based in Kent.

Both companies have a large product range to control your lighting, blinds, curtains and music, all at the touch of a button.

Smart lighting gives you the ability to control your lighting from the room you're in, on holiday or even on the way home from work. If you've got a signal on your smart device you can turn your lights on/off.

With the move towards more open plan living comes the need to control multiple zones of lighting. With conventional lighting this means at least one switch per set of lights or more with two way switching. This can mean industrial style banks of light switches, with Lutron and Rako this can all be done with one switch with multiple buttons. These button are programmed to how you want to live and can have various functions. Set the scene to watch a movie, turn lights and off while you're out or simply turn off all the lights when you go to bed.

They integrate perfectly into the world of AI like Alexa and Google. Just say"Alexa I'm having dinner" and your lights instantly change to your romantic dinner setting without the need to fiddle with numerous lights switches .

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